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  • Kuriko Taukiyama

    15 Years Old

    Hiroyuki Ukigaya

    15 Years Old

    Eva Baraschi

    17 Years Old

    Yavus Akman

    16 Years Old

    Barbara Chlost

    16 Years Old


  • Arnold Palmer – “Brad (Brewer) has certainly made his mark in the world of golf.  I have observed his achievements early on as a player and now as an extremely-successful golf instructor. He played an important role in the establishment of the Arnold Palmer Golf Academies and...
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    Arnold Palmer

    What "The King", Arnold Palmer, says about Brad Brewer

  • Dear Greg, I want to express my thanks to you and your entire academy staff for all you have done for my daughters.  We have visited the Club Med Golf Academy program in Port St. Lucie now for the fourth time in two years and it is remarkable to see the difference in both of...
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    Tomas Chlost

    Father of Barbara Chlost

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